• Sarah Beckham Hooff

  • Originally trained as an environmental and social scientist, I fuse my technical background with experience in the humanities to support & develop profitable, sustainable, art-based businesses.


    I'm currently having a blast as the Director of Programming at YouThere, an innovative consultancy that helps musicians develop and record the ephemeral art of the single take. At the same time, as a NY State Licensed Real Estate Salesperson affiliated with Hanson Real Estate Partners in Newburgh, NY, I help creative and motivated people find the ideal location to live out their dreams.


    To contact me about projects or professional engagements, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

  • Cultural Experience. 


    Countries lived in.


    USA, Czech Republic, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Hungary, Sweden, Greece, Republic of Ireland.


    Languages spoken profeciently. 


    English, Russian, Modern Greek, Czech.

  • Media & Performance. 

    Consulting, directing & performing. 

    Director of Programing at YouThere.


    Coaching musicians in stage presence and emotional connection. Developing online and in-person professional development courses.



    Meisner Acting Technique training 2014/15, Momentum Acting Studio, Dublin. 

    (photo credit Yohann Vorillion)


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    Co-Creator & voice-over.


    Science-art short film. 


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    Co-director & Script consultant.


    "A Quiet Night" by experimental Iraqi playwright Thabbit Allaithy. Najji Theater Company, NYC. 

    (photo credit Abbas Abood)


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    Russian language consultant.


    "Wardriving" short by Alexander Berman, American Film Institute (AFI).


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    Director of photography, actor, co-writer. 

    KINO guerrilla filmmaking workshops in Republic of Ireland. 

    (photo credit Paulo Martinho)



    "Fire & Ice" short exploring environmental radicalism.

     48 hour KinoDublin workshop.


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    Consultant for character/concept development. 

    Feature film in development, Austrian Film Institute. 


    Accent coach & Script consultant.


    Limitless Productions, Dublin. 

    (photo credit Yohann Vorillion)

    Areal acrobatics (areal hoop, pole, acro-balance) enthusiast. 

    Training under world champion Lisette Krol, Tribe fitness dance studio, Dublin. 

  • Translation & Intercultural communications. 

    Sharing ideas through the arts and sciences.   

    Literary translator. Dalkey Archive Press.

    In summer 2014, I completed a professional training program in literary translation at Dalkey Archive Press, Dublin, focusing on translating contemporary Russian literature into English. 

    Research coordinator. University of Lapland Arctic Center.

    In 2013-14, I worked for the University of Lapland Arctic Center as a consultant &coordinating researcher for the RISES project (Resilience in Socio-Ecological Systems of North-West Eurasia).

    I organized trans-boundary research with international partners, facilitated communications, and manage a large research budget.

    The project's interdisciplinary teams investigate the effects of reindeer herding on global climate change, regional vegetation cover, and traditional ways of life of North-west Siberia. 


    Founder and coordinator. 'Worlds Apart - Together' diversity programming. 

    In 2009, I cooperated with Americorps volunteers to develop a community program focusing on diversity, tolerance, and international cultural exploration called "Worlds Apart - Together' in the sleepy town of Lewisburg, PA.

    The project was later put into international practice and won an award for best new community program of 2011 in the Irkutsk region of central Siberia. 

  • Environmental research. 

    Exploring public opinion, language, and media. 


    Greece. Images in print media. 

    In 2013, I moved to the Greek Island of Lesvos to study how images in print media influence environmental conflicts.

    I developed a new methodology for measuring how images influence and express opinions.


    I studied Modern Greek and conducted numerous interviews in rural island villages where extensive wind farms were under development.


    For a summary, click HERE.
    More details HERE.

    Link to published article HERE..

    Russia. Environmental Psychology. 

    I have been been traveling to Russia since 2009, living first in European regions and later in Siberia.


    Over this time, I developed professional interviewing skills while completing research and community outreach projects related to:


    Environmental Policy and Politics.

    -The Siberian environmental movement. (in Russian) 

    - Environmental Linguistics. (in Russian)

    - Environmental Psychology. (in Russian) 

    - The influence of Eco-tourism on 'traditional' ways of life. (in Russian) 

    -Environmental worldview. (in Russian)


    Kyrgyzstan. Environmental conflict. 

    In 2011, I traveled to Kyrgstan on behalf of Dr. Amanda Wooden to conduct interviews related to environmental conflicts and precious metal mining in Central Asia. 


    Academic article forthcoming. 


    USA & Argentina. Primatology. 

    Beginning in 2007, I studied animal behavior and primatolgy, specializing on food neophobia (the fear of novel foods and flavors) in Owl Monkeys (Aotus), a species native to Argentina.


    This research gives me special insight into decision-making behavior and the psychology of learning. 


    (photo credit Christy Wolovich)

  • Professional. 

    If you have a question regarding my availability for collaboration, please use the form below or email me at sbhooff at gmail dot com to get in touch.